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January 4, 2018

15 Food and Beverage Trends to Expect in 2018

The Nation’s Restaurant News blog recently published it’s 15 food and beverage trends to expect in 2018.  They write: As fast as the foodservice industry is changing, predicting trends can be a tough venture, but restaurant industry consultancy Andrew Freeman & Company is looking ahead to 2018 with its annual presentation of trends. “Change is

December 28, 2017

FE&S’ Forecast 2018: Steady as the Foodservice Industry Grows

On Friday, September 1, 2017, Joseph Carbonara, Editorial Director at Food Service Equipment and Supply, wrote: Real growth may be slow in the foodservice industry, but the pace of change will only intensify thanks to a cadre of emerging players, a series of dynamic, business-related issues and operators’ insatiable appetite for growth… The National Restaurant Association (NRA)

November 1, 2017

Five Trends That Will Shape Food Products In 2018

Leslie Wu, a contributor to Forbes and an editor, explorer, and enthusiast of food, drink, and travel, recently wrote about Five Trends That Will Shape Food Products in 2018. She writes: “As we head into the change of seasons and the inevitable return of autumnal, pumpkin spice takeovers of flavors, so, too, do we see