Corporate Office: 949-443-9600

Las Vegas Office: 818-429-2179

San Diego Office: 949-443-9600

TurboChef Regional Chef / DES Corporate Chef

Stacie Rauch has been cooking for as long as she can remember, and in that time, her clientele has included family, friends and celebrities. Raised in New York City, Stacie is the child of two parents immersed in showbiz and the arts, which meant they did a lot of entertaining. When Stacie settled in Los Angeles 21 years ago, she founded her own catering company. She’s provided food for a variety of events and venues.

Stacie demonstrates the strong ability to provide delicious healthy food from scratch that delights the palette. She’s committed to customer service and always strives to surpass client expectations. She also offers an array of great interpersonal and organizational skills and would be an asset to any event.

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